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Dear Dumb Diary - Year Two #1 - School. Hasn't This Gone On Long Enough?
ISBN-13: 978-0-545-37761-4
Price: $5.99
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Detailed Description

Sneak a peek inside the diary of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything she writes is true... or at least as true as it needs to be.

Dear Dumb Diary,
When Dad brought it up this morning, I pointed out that I'm doing well in all of my classes except math.
And Dad was all like, "You have to do well in all of your classes."
And I was all like, "Who really needs to be good at math, anyway?"
And Dad was all like, "I do. I'm an accountant. It's my job. It's how the bills get paid around here."
And I was all like, "Dad. If everybody was good at math like you, they wouldn't have had to hire you. Face it, the less people everywhere know about math, the better off our family is."
And Dad's mouth snapped shut like a big old math textbook. He looked helplessly at Mom. 
Yeah, that's what I thought, Math Guy.