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Man, I Hate Cursive. (Cartoons for People and Advanced Bears)
ISBN 978-1-44947-889-6
Price: $12.99

Detailed Description


No one does comics like Jim Benton. His creativity and artistry have led to the monster success of It's Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary, and his standalone strips have topped Reddit's comics section for years.

Jim Benton's first cartoon collection was nominated for an Eisner. This new volume collects more of Jim's most popular strips from Reddit, shining a light on talking animals, relationships, fart jokes, and death. From whimsical to cutting, from gross to poignant, Benton's grasp of the form is on full and hilarious display.

Check out some great blurbs here:

"Jim Benton has my number. Page after page made me laugh out loud. It's all twisted and hilarious. What more could you possibly want from a book?" - R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps series

"Jim Benton's comics are not always funny; sometimes they're moving. But they're not always moving; sometimes they are really deep. But they're not always deep; sometimes they're caustic. But they are not always caustic; sometimes they're just funny. Anyway, they are good. Always REALLY good." - Boulet, French comic book creator and cartoonist.